Steven Lahr

Published on July 16, 2018 5:57 pm

Steve Lahr serves as Chief Growth Officer of Patriot Defense Group. Prior to joining Patriot Defense Group, Mr. Lahr was a co-founder of Silverback 7, a company acquired by Patriot Defense Group in 2017. Mr. Lahr served in the U.S. Army for 22 years as a Special Forces officer where he was responsible for planning, resourcing, and leading sensitive, complex, national-directed operations for the Department of Defense (DoD) and other government agencies. Steve Lahr served in eight distinct combat or hostile fire zones during his military carrier, often deploying to those areas more than once. He supervised high-risk operations with the Special Operations Command and the Joint Interagency community including work with the CIA, DoD, FBI, U.S. Marshals, and U.S. Customs. He commanded Special Operations forces engaged in a variety of combat, special operations, and intelligence missions during the Global War on Terrorism.

As an active member of the community, Mr. Steve Lahr is a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, the Alexandria Chamber’s Government Contractor Council, and serves as Vice Chairman of Vigilant Torch Association. He holds an M.A. in International Studies from Georgetown University and a B.S. in Business Management from the University of Maryland.



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