Todd Wilcox founded Patriot Defense in 2005 to provide specialized services in support of US Special Operations Forces (SOF) and civilian intelligence agencies engaged in the Global War on Terrorism. As a start up the company focused the unique qualifications and extensive experience of a small group of employees and independent contractors on providing human intelligence (HUMINT) training that enhanced the interoperability of these two legacy components of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the forbearer of the CIA and USSOCOM.

The company experienced significant growth over the years while building a sophisticated and high-performance executive leadership team and refining its business model. This executive leadership team has led both organic growth and an acquisition strategy to diversify and scale the company’s capabilities into complementary training and evaluation services, specialized support and expeditionary logistics with the continued focus on the US SOF and Intelligence communities as well as those of our friendly foreign allies. Patriot Defense has fostered a unique culture that is perpetuated through the prism of our core values and we are pursuing a vision to be a 360-degree provisional provider of specialized support and mission essential equipment to Those who defend America.



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