Clients of Patriot Defense include the United States Government as well as friendly foreign governments in accordance with U.S. Department of State ITAR approvals or under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Defense through Foreign Military Sales Programs. Patriot Defense provides specialized training and operational support to the U.S. government, U.S. military, and U.S. law enforcement communities.

Existing Contract Vehicles

  • Human Intelligence/Counterintelligence Program Operations (HIPO) – U.S. Army Europe
  • Deployable Adaptive Global Responder Support (DAGRS)
  • Africa Peacekeeping program (AFRICAP)
  • Hostile Forces Tracking Tagging and Locating (HF-TTL)
  • Army Advanced Expeditionary Warfare Development (AEWD)
  • Combatting Terrorism Technical Support Office
  • Special Warfare Technical Support (CTTSO SWTS)
  • Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic (SPAWAR)
  • Counter Narcotics and Global Threats Training Support Services (CN&GT TSS)
  • Global Intelligence Service Support (GISS)
  • Solutions for Intelligence Analysis 3 (SIA 3)


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