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Special Military Operations Training

Patriot Defense's ops training courses, tailored curriculum, and culmination exercise support usher our clients' personnel through the key skills that contribute to successful execution of secure advanced force operations.

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Our Training Philosophy

At Patriot Defense, our training and evaluation services consist of several tiers of proprietary courses ranging from basic through advanced, including large organizational and leadership professional development programs. Our tailored curriculum is based on the psychology of the adult learning methodology that emphasizes hands-on demonstration of the learning objectives.  Our professional training cadre provides an in-depth analysis of the client’s mission essential task list and corresponding training requirements to offer a timely, comprehensive and detailed technical proposal. Our cadre is born of and working for the United States Special Operations Forces and Intelligence Communities. Our intelligence training is provided by former CIA Chiefs of Station with post-9/11 management assignments who possess unique qualifications and provide mentorship and training necessary to meet the curriculum terminal and enabling learning objectives. Our advanced Special Ops training is conducted by former SOF Operators with senior leadership positions in special mission units and multiple post-9/11 combat deployments.

Patriot Defense can deliver the following ops training courses at one of our four training platforms or at the client’s location using the Mobile Training Team concept.

Intelligence Training

  • Intermediate Operations Tradecraft Course (IOTC)
  • Technical Counter Surveillance Operations Course
  • Surveillance Detection Course
  • Source and Information Management
  • AFO/F3 Inter-Agency Operational Planning for Leaders
  • Leveraging Commercial Operations
  • Technology Counterintelligence Awareness

Advanced Special Ops Training

  • Special Operations Assessment and Selection
  • Close Target Reconnaissance (CTR)
  • Clandestine Methods of Entry (CMOE)
  • Tagging, Tracking, Locating (TTL) Techniques
  • Signature Reduction (SR)
  • Exercise Development and Operational Rehearsals
  • LVO, AFO, OPE—Full Mission Profile


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