Core Values


Serving those who defend America with training, logistics, and ops support to enhance the success of the Special Operations Forces, Intel Community, and our friendly foreign allies.

  • No assholes, no idiots!

    This is both a statement and an imperative. This core value is one of the most identifiable aspects of our corporate culture and is appreciated by our principal customers.

  • We provide the highest quality of service always

    We are the gold standard in our niche industry. We have attained subject matter dominance in the field of tradecraft training and have superiority in the discipline of business processes.

  • We follow disciplined execution

    We have well-established and time-tested standards for the execution of both our services to customers and the internal operations that sustain business continuity and drive the growth of the enterprise. These standards are strictly enforced and consistently followed by everyone.

  • We conduct business with honesty and integrity

    This core value is woven into several aspects of PDG. It is how we do business with our customers, how we manage our team members, how we approach corporate governance and the spirit of any deal we make.

  • We are vested in our clients’ mission success

    We want our clients to win! Our success and reputation are only as good as our clients’ victories on the battlefield.

  • We are continuously adapting and improving

    We are flexible and responsive to a changing environment across the spectrum of our business operations.



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